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Save time in the production of furniture panels without any additional costs of manual labor and spoilage associated with it!!

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Do you still finish the edges of your doors and furniture panels manually?

All companies who produce doors and Furniture panels with patina (Aging effect) do the job by painting the face and the furniture edges manually. Even companies who print doors and furniture facades with conventional UV printers have to manually paint the furniture facades edge. They inevitably end up with different colours on front side of the piece and the edge, which is primarily due to human error and the complexity of trying to colour match the paint. 

But the use of 2 completely different methods of production leads to great difficulty getting the colours to match from batch to batch.

Until now, when printing patina finishes on Wood, PVC, MDF etc, this problem has been unsolvable!

EDGE PRINTING (furniture edge printing) solves this problem! 

Now the application of texture, pattern and patina on the face of the panel is possible on ALL sides of the product!


The unsolvable has been solved. This option, is now available on the full range of BIGPRINTER UV flatbed industrial printers.

No other printer manufacturer has this option, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition when you own one of the best flatbed printers on the market.

Furniture faces and panels with textures on all sides!

With our technology you will be able to produce a quality product that can´t get your competitors.

Patina has never looked looked so good with EDGE PRINTING technology (furniture edge printing).

Manufacturer of industrial flatbed UV printers

+7 (495) 231-1000